Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chevrolet - Olympic Commercials

I've been waiting to put these up. Here are the Chevy Olympic commercials I had the privilege of working on in December with a talented Director by the name of Nick Lewin.

These spots changed a little from what we drew but that happens. I think they turned out great. You can see them airing during the Olympics.

Go Canada!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bill Lyle - Play! Magazine Advertisement

While I wait for a couple of TV commercials (I drew Storyboards for) to air, I decided to show off some work I haven't posted before. First up, here is an advertisement I created a few years back for, "Play!", a huge digest of illustrators in North America. More Storyboards to follow this post below!

Neutra Air - "Living with Odors" - Storyboard

Here's a board for Neutra Air, the director of this spot was totally hilarious I remember. Hopefully I can work with her again someday!

Eureka - "Won't you be my neighbour?" - Season Preview - Storyboard

This was another fun project to work on but please excuse my rough drawings, the Director wanted it loose and rough!
Eureka is a tv series on Syfy and they were doing a season preview spot set to the tune of, "Won't you be my neighbour". Check out how it actually turned out here:

"Engine Oil Red" - Storyboard

This was a really fun project for an interactive website for Engine Digital, a Vancouver design studio. The company sent their valued clients to the site and the information there said that these said clients have won some of the prestigious, "Engine Oil Red" wine. From there the website shows the viewer how the wine was created and that's where I come in. This board is hilarious. If you want to see how it really turned out, check out:

Disney - "Sing it" - Storyboard

Here's an example of a coloured Storyboard I did for Disney's "Sing it" video game. It takes a while to colour the board but for some Directors, they find it useful to go the colour route.

Ford Super Duty - "Everything" - Storyboard

Jet Dry - "Expert" - Storyboard

Another Storyboard that never got posted to my site!

Baby Elmo - "Black Sheep" & Dora the Explorer - "Dora's Song" - Storyboards

Here's some work I did for Baby Elmo & Dora the Explorer. Drawing kids stuff is kinda cool because I was there once and I watched a lot of these toy ads with great anticipation back in the day. It's definitely cool to grow up and work on these ads which I'm sure get the current generation of kids pretty stoked.